Fair physiotherapy tariffs? A silver lining with Akina

Despite the current challenges in the area of physiotherapy tariffs, we also see opportunities for the future: digital resources can be used to improve healthcare and remote treatments can create a source of income for therapists.

02/01/241min read
    Physiotherapist settles accounts.

    Update on physiotherapy tariff debate

    Unfortunately, little has happened since the federal government's tariff intervention and the subsequent petition and rally in Bern last November. The last few weeks and months have been marked by gloom and uncertainty in the physiotherapy profession. However, despite these challenges, many opinions have been expressed that open up new opportunities for the future. It is time to take a positive view of the situation.

    In the interview with Ralph Senn and David Schmidt it becomes clear that the primary goal of physiotherapy should be the quality of therapy, regardless of time constraints. Physiotherapists should provide effective, efficient and resource-conscious treatment. And: therapy also means patient education! There was one issue that was raised that caught our attention in particular: The previous neglect of digitalisation in the healthcare sector. Digitalisation, for example through software solutions, helps therapists and patients to design an efficient therapy.

    Akina Software on laptop in a patient's home.
    Akina Cloud is the software solution for guided therapeutic training at home.

    Akina as a possible solution

    This is where Akina comes in: our goal is to expand the scope of physiotherapy. Every physiotherapists know the situation: Everything runs smoothly in the practice, but at home patients encounter obstacles that affect their motivation to exercise and therefore the progress of their therapy. Akina enables an efficient connection between physiotherapist and patient and contributes to education!

    Akina also addresses the reluctance of companies to invest. As an official medical product that can be billed for remote treatment, we are creating a software solution that is accessible to patients and offers physiotherapists an attractive working environment. This will ensure that the profession remains attractive in the future.

    Think about it! The future of physiotherapy is in our hands and Akina is keen to make an important contribution. Are you in, too?

    02/01/241min read

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