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Stay connected to your physical therapist and committed to getting better while exercising at home.

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Akina can help with

Reducing pain

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Get into a guided movement routine to actively manage and alleviate pain. Through AI motion support, regular feedback from your therapist, and seamless progress tracking, Akina gets you moving and keeps you moving.

Improving mobility

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Commit to regular guided movement to experience more mobility and freedom. Experience how Akina can get you back to your active live and all the things you love the most - one small move at a time.

Smart moves you'll stick with

Enjoy your at-home exercise routine with a personalized experience. Get instant guidance that helps you find lasting relief.

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An interactive experience, tailored to you

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Learn more about the benefits of movement

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Track your progress and start feeling results

Tap into personal guidance

Akina keeps you connected to your physiotherapist so you'll get feedback and adjustments you can trust.

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Get guidance from a licensed therapist

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Feedback whenever you're ready

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Your physiotherapist-approved plan

Press play on recovery

Three easy steps to get you one step closer to feeling better.

Step one

Create an account and tell us more about your goals.

Step two

We'll find the right therapist for you and get you set up.

Step three

Start exercising right away, and get instant feedback.

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AI-powered physiotherapy. Real results.

Make moves that move the needle.

Hip pain

Back pain

Stay in the loop

Get the latest on our growing range of programs for pain relief and more mobility.

Privacy first

We can't see you

That's right. Our AI technology analyzes your movements by capturing joint centers, so we never collect or store video data.

Your data. Your choice.

You decide what you want to share with us. And when you're ready to move on, we'll delete all your personal data. Simple as that.

We follow data protection standards

Goes without saying; we comply with the Swiss Data Protection Law reDSG, and comply with stringent privacy and security standards.

We keep it local

Whatever data you choose to share with us only gets stored in Switzerland and the European Union. Your personal data isn't going anywhere.

Join the movement

Akina has already helped these patients to start feeling better.

  • Young athlete is convinced by Akina, smiling at the camera

    Akina Cloud feels like a glimpse into the future. I wish I could have used it two years ago after my knee injury.

    Luca, 25

    Student and athlete

  • For me, it is the music that makes the difference. The playlists match my training and there is always something new to explore.

    Brigitte, 71

    Art enthusiast

  • Chubby Woman gives Testimonial about Akina

    I like how Akina blends active movement, information and relaxation. Knowing more about why I feel pain is such an important part of finding relief.

    Kim, 18

    Commercial apprentice

  • Akina Cloud is a real game changer. As a numbers guy, I love the AI progress diary, and how Akina analyzes every move I make.

    Hans-Joachim, 58


  • The last thing you want is to hurt yourself again. For me, Akina’s continuous guidance and immediate feedback transforms exercise at home into something I feel confident about.

    Edgar, 48


  • Middle aged woman is grateful for Akina.

    I like how Akina connects my home exercise to my real therapist. Just using an app on the side is not for me, but with Akina, it feels like one seamless treatment concept.

    Marianne, 54


  • Woman is doing sports outside

    I love sports, but struggled with hip problems since my teenage years. But I only ever used fitness apps and YouTube for my home training, because the medical stuff was so square and boring. Akina is different!

    Chiara, 32


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