What’s behind the Akina therapy plans?

Would you like to learn more about how we assemble our therapy plans? Discover here how we develop scientifically proven, effective, and balanced exercise programs.

Why Akina therapy is based on adjustable templates

Our therapy plan templates are specifically designed for each indication and are suitable for use with a wide range of patients. They are based on scientific literature and the expertise of leading professionals, and allow for efficient and targeted therapeutic training at home.

Akina's treatment templates balance structure and repeatable results with adaptability to patient needs and preferences. Each therapy programme is based on a standardised template. If necessary, the treating therapist can adjust the level of difficulty or substitute specific exercises.

By taking a systematic and structured approach to treatment, Akina's efficacy can be validated in clinical trials. As an effective treatment, Akina qualifies for reimbursement by statutory health insurance schemes, for example in Switzerland. This will never be possible with unstructured, completely open therapy applications. That is why we believe in customisable templates as the basis for Akina therapy.

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