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The team that gets people moving

We're a team driven by movement and from day one, we've been a hybrid company. We think giving people options fosters growth and more vibrant collaboration.

Doing good together

Akina is a mission-led company with the potential to benefit the health of millions around the world. We're committed to making an impact and take pride in that responsibility.

Making room for growth

As Akina grows, we make sure you can grow alongside us. With 1:1 mentoring, an extra week for personal development and continued learning opportunities, we support you on your path.

Welcoming all perspectives

Whatever your background, anyone who shares our ambition is welcome at Akina. We're a multicultural team that embraces people's unique perspectives and approaches.

Staying open and connected

We're a tight-knit team, so collaboration and openness are at the center of what we do. We give clear, kind and constructive feedback and stay open to unconventional ideas.

What's it like working at Akina?

Here's what our team has to say.

  • I am driven by the idea that individuals undergoing physiotherapy can be supported beyond the confines of the clinic. I feel like I can really make a difference when creating training programs which make Akina users experts in autonomously managing their own health.

    Annika Dunkel

    Therapeutic Content Manager

  • Before coming to Akina I expected that a start-up would be a chaotic experience, but as soon as I arrived I noticed how everything is extremely well organized. My workmates and mentors provided me with their expertise in the field, which helped me grow as a professional, and I am really happy that my work can make people recover faster and better.

    Lluis Pastor Perez

    Junior Software Engineer

  • At Akina, I've found an environment that not only pushes me to stay on top of the ever-evolving quality and regulatory landscape but also offers the support and resources needed to do so effectively. Every day presents unique challenges, making this role both demanding and incredibly rewarding.

    Isabella Bauer

    Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager

    Stay flexible

    We're taking PT beyond the practice, and work beyond the office – but we believe there's nothing like connecting in-person. Our team has the option to work remotely or from one of our collaboration spaces in Zurich. So everyone can choose what works for them.


    Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland


    Work from home, or wherever you want

    Balgrist Campus

    Lengghalde 5, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

    By guiding every move, Akina paves the path to better and beyond. With AI motion support and instant feedback, we make moving more enjoyable and effective for patients exercising at home. And we give physiotherapists a way to stay in sync with patients and get ahead of the connected care curve.

    Meet the team

    From movement experts to UX designers, meet the team that keeps people in motion.

    Adina Ciubotaru

    Software Engineer

    Alison Baeumlin

    Digital Content Creator

    Annika Dunkel

    Therapeutic Content Manager

    Carolina Conde

    Product Owner

    David Rode

    Research Associate

    David Wyss

    Head of Product

    Dr. Florian Haufe

    Founder and CEO

    Dr. Michele Xiloyannis

    Founder and CTO

    Dr. Yves Zimmermann

    Head of Software Engineering

    Fabienne Büchi

    Clinical Specialist, Physiotherapist MSc

    Federico Lorrai

    Software Engineer

    Isabella Bauer

    Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager

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    At Akina, we believe in the power of connecting patients and physiotherapists beyond the clinic. Together, we can pave the path to better and beyond by guiding every move.

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