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Tablets in blister package. Orange background.

Painkillers for back pain: Benefits, side effects and alternatives

Back pain is widespread - as is the use of painkillers. But what should you look out for when taking medication? And what alternatives are there? Discover this and more in this article!

12/04/23 · 

6min read

Soccer player is holding onto his shin in pain. Green background.

Preventing and treating sports injuries

Sports injuries are not only painful, they can also keep us from our favorite sport for several months. Find out here how you can avoid sports accidents!

11/23/23 · 

6min read

Person in white shirt holds onto their aching shoulder. Beige background.

Shoulder pain: Causes and treatment methods

Do you suspect a shoulder dislocation? Or a torn tendon? Is it perhaps an impingement syndrome? Find a list of possible causes and treatment methods for shoulder pain here.

11/21/23 · 

6min read

Physiotherapist helps elderly patient with weighted exercise.

Tariff intervention in Swiss physiotherapy: What's behind it?

In this opinion piece, Akina Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Florian Haufe summarizes what the Federal Council's planned tariff intervention means for physiotherapists in Switzerland.

11/20/23 · 

3min read

Woman suffers from chronic migraines.

Exercise as an approach to relieving chronic pain

Regular exercise and physiotherapy play a great role in dealing with chronic pain: Movement helps relieve pain and maintain mobility. Find out everything about it in this article!

11/15/23 · 

6min read

Woman standing on a scale.

Obesity: How excess weight affects health

Being overweight can lead to serious health problems. Read on to find out more about causes, consequences and treatment options of obesity!

11/06/23 · 

7min read

Young woman doing jumping jacks and smiling.

This is how important movement is for our health

Regular exercise has many benefits: it prevents diseases, has positive effects on mental health and helps to live a better and longer life. Learn everything about the topic in this article!

11/02/23 · 

5min read

Woman holds onto her knee with both hands.

Knee pain: Common causes and treatments

Torn meniscus, malalignment or rheumatism? Learn all about the causes and treatment options for knee pain in this article.

10/20/23 · 

7min read

Young woman smiling while sitting at her laptop.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: A great potential for Swiss physiotherapy

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring is a new approach for seamless, effective and cost-efficient patient care. In this article, we discuss the functionality and benefits of RTM, as well as how we make use of it at Akina.

10/20/23 · 

6min read

Woman in white sports clothes practices MBSR meditation.

The benefits of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

In this article, we explore the healing benefits of mindfulness and discuss the scientific background of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

10/20/23 · 

7min read

Man holds laptop with Akina platform in one hand, a yoga mat in the other.

Akina - Better begins today

In this article, we'd like to introduce ourselves and our mission. Are you curious to find out more about Akina? Keep reading!

10/05/23 · 

5min read

Man holds on to his hip because he is in pain.

Hip pain: Where does it come from and how can it be treated?

Hip problems can have various causes and corresponding treatment options. Find out everything you need to know in this article.

10/05/23 · 

7min read

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