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Man with symptoms of herniated disc is in pain.

Herniated disc: symptoms, causes and treatment

Do you experience severe back pain that radiates into your arms and legs and is accompanied by numbness or tingling? If you suspect a herniated disc, it is worth consulting a doctor. And reading this article.

05/17/24 · 

6min read

Pregnant woman with hands on her baby bump.

Preventing and treating back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is an irritating but often harmless side effect during pregnancy. Find out here what you can do about the pain and when you should inform your gynecologist!

05/13/24 · 

7min read

Doctor pointing on vertebral joints of the spine to show where spondylarthrosis occurs.

Spondylarthrosis: causes, symptoms and treatment of arthrosis of the spine

Arthrosis can affect all joints in the body - this also applies to the facet joints of the spine. Although spondylarthrosis is irreversible, the right treatment can relieve pain and improve mobility.

05/06/24 · 

5min read

Woman experiencing upper back pain while staring on cell phone with hunched back.

Back pain in the upper back: This is how to get rid of it

Pain in the upper back can have various causes. Although it is often harmless, we don't want to put up with it any longer than necessary. Find out here what measures you can take to get rid of this unwanted companion!

04/26/24 · 

7min read

Person with lumbago holding onto their aching back.

Lumbago: Duration, symptoms and treatment

Almost everyone suffers from lumbago (acute lower back pain) at some point in their lives. Are you currently experiencing it or would you like to know how you can prevent it in the future? Then this is the right place for you.

04/19/24 · 

5min read

Confident, self-effective man.

Self-efficacy: a muscle that can be trained

Self-efficacy is in many ways a key element for a fulfilled, successful life. Find out here how you can use self-efficacy to improve your health!

04/08/24 · 

5min read

Holistically healthy woman smiling at camera.

Holistic health: Everything you need to know about it

Have you ever come across the term "holistic health"? Find out all about the holistic approach to healthy living in this article!

03/15/24 · 

6min read

Artificial hip joint.

Hip replacement surgery: Tips for treatment and rehabilitation

Find out everything you need to know about hip replacement surgery: from the causes for the procedure, the operation itself all the way to tips for optimal rehabilitation.

03/11/24 · 

6min read

Young physiotherapist using Akina Portal on his Laptop.

Frequently asked questions: This is what physiotherapists want to know about Akina

Akina is an innovative tool for optimizing healthcare in the field of physiotherapy. Find out everything you need to know about Akina as a physiotherapist in this collection of frequently asked questions!

03/04/24 · 

8min read

Woman sitting on chair, holding onto her low back in pain.

Efficacy of available treatment methods for non-specific back pain: an overview

Not all forms of physiotherapy are equal. This article provides an overview of the scientific evidence for the efficacy of various measures for the treatment of non-specific back pain.

02/29/24 · 

9min read

Fabienne smiling.

Interview with a physiotherapist: Obstacles and opportunities in the industry

"Digitalization in the healthcare sector is offering us physiotherapists more and more opportunities" - Fabienne Büchi, physiotherapist at NextLevel-Physio.

02/15/24 · 

4min read

Man is overwhelmed and tired from his work.

Burnout in the physiotherapy industry: Here's how we can prevent it

In today's society, the term "burnout" is unfortunately all too familiar. But what exactly does it mean to be burnt out? And why are physiotherapists in particular at an increased risk of burnout? This and more is discussed in this article.

02/12/24 · 

5min read

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