Your data, your choice

Let’s keep it between us: This is how we guarantee your Akina data is stored safely and privately.

Privacy first

At Akina, we take privacy and data safety very seriously. As part of this commitment, we operate with the greatest possible transparency. The following constantly evolving security measures help to ensure that your data remains yours and does not fall into the hands of unauthorized third parties.

We can't see you

That's right. Our AI technology analyzes your movements by tracking landmarks on your body, so we never have to collect or store video data.

Your data. Your choice.

You decide what you want to share with us. And when you're ready to move on, we'll automatically delete all your personal data. Simple as that.

We follow data protection standards

Goes without saying; we comply with the Swiss Data Protection Law reDSG, and comply with stringent privacy and security standards.

We keep it local

Whatever data you choose to share with us only gets stored in Switzerland and the European Union. Your personal data isn't going anywhere.

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