2023 - An exciting year for Akina

We are excited to present Akina's milestones from 2023 and invite you to join us on our continuing journey.

12/27/233min read
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    As the year comes to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past few months. We are looking back on an eventful 2023: from innovative product development and continuous growth in our team to promising collaborations with partners. We would like to share some remarkable milestones with you. Are you in?

    Laptop with Akina Cloud software on the coffee table. Apartment in the background.
    We present: our Akina Cloud AI software.

    Our product Akina Cloud

    We have designed, developed and validated Akina Cloud with great drive and dedication to enable a successful market launch in early 2024.

    Akina Cloud is a pioneering AI software-as-a-medical-device that successfully received CE certification this year. The software shows an impressive level of engagement: our beta users have completed over 240 training sessions, which included 12,705 exercise repetitions and a total of four hours of static poses and stretches. A remarkable 66,308 audio and video files were streamed, which served as interactive guides for the training sessions with Akina.

    Physiotherapy training with Akina software.
    Reduced pain and improved mobility thanks to therapeutic training with Akina.

    The company

    Not only has our software Akina Cloud made significant progress this year, 2023 was also a year of growth and success for the company itself. We were able to expand our team by eight talented and motivated employees from the areas of Engineering, Quality and Regulatory and Marketing.

    In our shared pursuit of excellence, we not only underwent a successful audit confirming compliance with ISO 13485, but also set up a secure cloud infrastructure that complies with Swiss data protection laws.

    We proudly unveiled our brand Akina to the world to announce our product and company development as well as our values and mission. We were nominated as one of the TOP 100 Swiss startups and are delighted with the reception Akina has received from our audience. 

    The cherry on top: we have received a competitive, non-dilutive grant of 1 million Swiss francs from Innosuisse to support and accelerate our product launch.

    ISO 13485 certificate from Akina, framed. Orange background.
    Akina is an ISO 13485 certified medical device.

    Collaboration with partners 

    Collaborative partnerships are a cornerstone of our progress. Our ongoing projects with valued partners at ETH Zurich and Schulthess Klinik continue to flourish, and we are delighted to welcome University Hospital Basel and Bethesda Hospital as new partners in the coming year. 

    Our collaboration with the Swiss Center for Clinical Motion Analysis at the Balgrist Campus has been particularly successful and has generated over 4 million video images and 3D motion capture data, which have contributed significantly to the training of our artificial intelligence Maia. 

    Thanks to various invited talks at the ETH AI Center, Balgrist University Hospital, ETH Zurich and the University of Lucerne, we were able to share Akina and our mission with the public and receive valuable feedback.

    Group Foto of Akina Team, celebrating. Akina: Small moves. Big results.
    The Akina team celebrates a successful 2023.

    To conclude this article - and this year - we would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us on this journey so far: From our dedicated employees, to our esteemed partners, all the way to our visionary investors. Thank you for your valuable support and contributions to our successful 2023. 

    But this is just the beginning for our young company. Our market entry at the beginning of 2024 will open up new horizons in the Swiss healthcare landscape, and we look forward to the new challenge with great anticipation. Here's to an eventful 2024!

    12/27/233min read

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