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Digital healthcare meets gamification.

We are developing software that combines evidence-based therapy at home with your favorite entertainment.


Our technology

Therapy at home does not work because patients lack guidance and motivation. Akina provides both through a digital application.

Digital coaching – our AI motion analysis and exercise planning algorithms assure that movements are performed safely and effectively.

Gamification – Akina connects therapeutic movements to the controls of popular cloud games and interactive cloud content to turn repetitive exercise into a fascinating journey.


Our vision

We are convinced that long-term patient success comes from education and compelling motivation - not from external control.

Akina develops technology that takes patients on an immersive digital journey while fast-tracking recovery. Because we believe that getting better should be fun.  

Florian Haufe, PhD

Founder and CEO

Florian is a driven healthcare entrepreneur with a PhD in rehabilitation technology and human data analysis from ETH Zurich and research experience from Harvard Medical School. A competitive sailor, Florian won a Youth Olympic silver medal in 2010.

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Michele Xiloyannis, PhD

Founder and CTO

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Michele is a passionate innovator and engineer with a PhD in robotics and neurotechnology. His research at Imperial College, NTU Singapore and ETH Zurich has resulted in more than 45 scientific publications. Michele is a former Premier League and Serie A roller hockey player.

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