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Go beyond the practice door

Help your clients keep moving at home with a tailored exercise experience and real-time feedback.

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Be there for patients even when you're not

Guide patients through their exercise routine, give expert feedback and help them stay on track. All from the comfort of their home.

AI-supported progress reports

Interactive exercises and adjustments

Customizable therapy plans

Document success and future-proof your practice

Help patients meet milestones and set new standards for your practice. Be ahead of the curve with detailed documentation and remote-friendly revenue streams.

Be on the forefront of connected care

New revenue streams for your practice

Document and report successes

The future of PT is flexible

Whatever your needs, Akina can keep you connected with patients along their journey and help them stay on track to feeling better.


Expand your reach and provide tailored care to more patients as a single provider.


Keep your team connected to patients throughout the therapy journey as a small practice.


Seamlessly integrate Akina into your existing care pathways, even in larger organizations.

AI innovation. Backed by experience.

Our evidence-based therapy programs are designed with the latest research in mind, and incorporate insights from cutting-edge studies. We work closely with our clinical partners to ensure our programs are safe, effective and enjoyable.

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      At Akina, we believe in the power of connecting patients and physiotherapists beyond the clinic. Together, we can pave the path to better and beyond by guiding every move.

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